Updating Drupal 8 Minor Version

With the latest release from Drupal also including the latest security fixes, it was time to update again. One issue that experienced Drupal developers are probably quite used to by now are the continual stream of security advisories that need to be addressed, especially if you are managing a site that also includes peoples data. This means regularly maintaining your site to ensure it is kept up to date and secure.

To du or not to du

Do you have a need for finding out what is taking up all the room on your server? Do you want to figure out what is eating up all your disk space. Of course there are different ways of doing this, for example the ls command.

e.g ls -al

will lists all the files in your directory and where applicable gives you a nice list of the files and directories. It will even show you the size of the files. e.g. if I want to list the following folder:

Are Recruitment Agencies a dying breed?

I have been working as a Web Developer since 2001. Until a couple of years ago I have worked as a contractor in a number of roles thanks in part to the army of Recruitment Consultants who are registered on the job boards gaining access and to my credentials and matching me with possible opportunities, arranging interviews and setting up contracts and of course making sure you get paid for the work that you do.

How to Shuffle on your post iOS 8.4 device

If you have an iOS device and you like to shuffle their Music collection, then you may be wondering "where did the shuffle option go?". Well it turns out that this feature still exists but activating it can be a bit hard to find.

How the Music App Makes You Shuffle Songs Now

Now, in order to shuffle your whole library of songs, you have to actually select a song to begin with. Then, you have to hit the small Now Playing bar at the bottom, and make sure the Shuffle icon is selected.